Research Center of Human Nutrition Rhône-Alpes – Institute Lyfe Research and Innovation Centre (CRNH-RA)

CEIDSS is a non-profit Research Organization working in health promotion focused on the social determinants of health.  Its mission is to produce innovative intervention research to improve the health status of the population, with an emphasis education on health determinants and risk factors linked with non-communicable diseases.

CEIDSS works in association with local and national authorities. While participating in European projects, CEIDSS has a strong experience in developing national and international comprehensive programs on tackling malnutrition, aligned with health strategies and priorities.

CRNH-RA strives to improve human nutrition and health, housing clinical investigation and mass spectrometry platforms. It develops research programs in nutrition within the framework of national, European and international research programs, working closely with industrial partners and researchers worldwide. Collaborating with experts and industries, notably the Lyfe Institute Research Centre for projects like Better4U, we strive for tasty, healthy, sustainable meals, transmitting original scientific knowledge.


The team members

Julie-Anne Nazare

Julie-Anne Nazare, with an H-Index of 31, 82 papers, and 3400 citations, possesses strong coordination experience in multi-partner projects and serves as Principal Investigator (PI) for numerous national and international clinical and epidemiological collaborative projects. Her research interests include dietary and lifestyle intervention in obesity, modulation of gut microbiota, and cardiometabolic profile.

Anestis Dougkas

Anestis Dougkas, with an H-Index of 13, 26 papers, and 823 citations, boasts 14 years of research experience in the field of obesity and appetite regulation. His research focuses on understanding eating behavior by integrating both homeostatic and non-homeostatic regulation of appetite, utilizing sensory and appetitive direct behavioral measures.

Louise Seconda

Louise Seconda, with 21 papers and 566 citations, supported a public health thesis in 2019 and has contributed to numerous epidemiological projects. Currently serving as a scientific coordinator, she drives the implementation of clinical research projects at CRNH.