Karolinska Institutet (KI)

CEIDSS is a non-profit Research Organization working in health promotion focused on the social determinants of health.  Its mission is to produce innovative intervention research to improve the health status of the population, with an emphasis education on health determinants and risk factors linked with non-communicable diseases.

CEIDSS works in association with local and national authorities. While participating in European projects, CEIDSS has a strong experience in developing national and international comprehensive programs on tackling malnutrition, aligned with health strategies and priorities.

Karolinska Institutet (KI) was established in 1810 and is globally recognized as a frontrunner of medical universities and the leading medical university in Sweden. KI is dedicated to biomedical sciences, annually giving the Nobel Prize in Medicine. KI hosts around 600 research groups spanning all medical domains. Among them, the IMPACT research group focuses on preventing childhood and pregnancy-related overweight and obesity. Additionally, the IMPACT group offers programs in Nutrition in affiliation with the Centre for Nutrition at KI. 


The team members

Ioannis Ioakeimidis

Ioannis Ioakeimidis, a Senior Researcher at KI since 2012, utilizes advanced technologies to study behavior and environmental factors, particularly eating and movement habits in students and patients. Active in EU projects, with a focus on childhood obesity, he quantifies and models behaviors in real-life settings, fostering collaborations across Europe. As the principal investigator in BETTER4U, he leads innovative research initiatives.

Anna Ek

Anna Ek, a Senior Researcher at KI and Registered Dietitian since 2005, has contributed to five RCTs, primarily focusing on childhood obesity and the family’s role in prevention and treatment. Her research delves into child eating behaviors and parenting practices, including developing effective parent support programs. Committed to clinical work at The National Centre for Childhood Obesity, Karolinska University Hospital, Anna will lead the team conducting the RCT in Sweden for BETTER4U.

Alkyoni Glympi

Alkyoni Glympi, a Research Assistant at KI, holds a master’s degree in Nutrition Science and specializes in nutrition and dietetics. In BETTER4U, she will serve as the Dissemination Manager, leveraging her expertise to ensure effective communication and outreach.