Helmholtz Munich

CEIDSS is a non-profit Research Organization working in health promotion focused on the social determinants of health.  Its mission is to produce innovative intervention research to improve the health status of the population, with an emphasis education on health determinants and risk factors linked with non-communicable diseases.

CEIDSS works in association with local and national authorities. While participating in European projects, CEIDSS has a strong experience in developing national and international comprehensive programs on tackling malnutrition, aligned with health strategies and priorities.

Helmholtz Munich is a research institution focusing on metabolic and environmental health, bioengineering, and computational health. 

At the Institute of Epidemiology our mission is to understand the protective and harmful effects of the environment, genes and lifestyle on human health and disease using population-based epidemiology approaches. Knowledge of these interactions leads to prevention and intervention approaches for cardiometabolic diseases and allergies.


The team members

Dr. Marie Standl

Dr. Marie Standl is an epidemiology expert, serving as a working group leader and Principal Investigator (PI) of the German birth cohorts GINIplus and LISA at the Munich study center. Her research focuses on understanding the influence of environment and lifestyle on the development and progression of common chronic health issues, particularly allergic diseases.

Dr. Elisabeth Thiering

Dr. Elisabeth Thiering is a postdoctoral researcher in Epidemiology, specializing in environmental factors and omics data. With a background in statistics, she is skilled in analyzing longitudinal epidemiological studies focused on health data.