Born in Bradford (BiB)

CEIDSS is a non-profit Research Organization working in health promotion focused on the social determinants of health.  Its mission is to produce innovative intervention research to improve the health status of the population, with an emphasis education on health determinants and risk factors linked with non-communicable diseases.

CEIDSS works in association with local and national authorities. While participating in European projects, CEIDSS has a strong experience in developing national and international comprehensive programs on tackling malnutrition, aligned with health strategies and priorities.

Born in Bradford (BiB), a renowned research program focused on factors influencing family health and happiness. Operating in collaboration with local entities, BiB manages three birth cohorts (BiB Cohort, Born in Bradford’s Better Start, and BiB4All) in total the program collects data on over 12,400 families. Each division conducts longitudinal studies, administers surveys, and collects biological samples to explore health trends. Applying its findings to science-based guidelines. Additionally, Connected Bradford compiles longitudinal data for 600,000 citizens, aiming to enhance healthcare pathways. 


The team members

Gillian Santorelli

Gillian Santorelli is Principal Statistician on the Born in Bradford study. She has a background in physiology, epidemiology and biostatistics, and has many years of experience researching the epidemiology of acute and chronic health problems using research and routine healthcare records. Her main research interests are the causes, trajectories, and health impacts of childhood obesity, and the application of statistical methods for analyzing exposures and outcomes across the life course.