First Bi-Annual Meeting: BETTER4U

On June 13th and 14th, the BETTER4U consortium gathered in Thessaloniki, Greece, for our first Plenary Meeting. This meeting was a significant moment where partners from across Europe came together to discuss the project’s progress and plan for the upcoming phases. 

Bringing Everyone Together

The meeting was a big deal for BETTER4U, which is all about finding better ways to prevent and address obesity. The consortium includes a diverse group of experts, all united by the common goal of promoting healthier lifestyles.

Looking Ahead

The consortium discussed the progress of the project’s tasks, deliverables, contributions of each partner and it was defined the work plan and the next steps. The partners brainstormed and planned the next phases of the project, setting clear goals and timelines. These discussions were crucial for keeping the project on track and ensuring its success. In addition to the formal sessions, there were plenty of opportunities for informal networking. These interactions helped to build stronger relationships and strengthen a sense of unity and collaboration among the participants.

What’s Next?

Several key outcomes emerged from the Plenary Meeting. The consortium reaffirmed its commitment to the project’s goals and identified new areas for improvement and innovation. Plans were made to enhance the use of AI in preventive weight gain interventions and to expand clinical trials across the seven participating countries. The next steps include finalising the detailed work plan, coordinating efforts among partners, and putting the strategies discussed into action. The team will continue to monitor progress closely, ensuring the BETTER4U project remains on track to achieve its objectives.

A huge thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to the meeting. The successful gathering in Thessaloniki has laid a solid foundation for the future, and the team is excited to share more updates and achievements in the coming months.

Stay tuned for the latest developments as the BETTER4U project moves from theory to practice, promoting healthier lifestyles and addressing obesity through innovative research and interventions.


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