ECO2024 Conference

ECO2024: Highlighting the latest research in obesity

The 31st European Congress on Obesity (ECO) (May 12-15, 2024) held by the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO) and Societa Italiana dell’ Obesita (SIO) in Venice, Italy, showcased obesity research across basic science, childhood and adolescent obesity, clinical management, and public health with delegates from 103 countries. ECO2024 featured teaching workshops, research presentations, discussions, and award ceremonies, and provided the opportunity to share BETTER4U activity updates alongside other EU Commission-funded obesity projects.

Research of interest to BETTER4U colleagues

Conversations at ECO2024 varied, with many discussions highly relevant to BETTER4U research activities. One teaching workshop co-hosted by the EASO Scientific Advisory Board and the EASO Obesity Management Working Group (OMWG) focussed on obesity phenotyping, aiming to enhance understanding of obesity as a chronic disease beyond BMI. Research presentations covered topics of interest including: multidisciplinary obesity management; genetic susceptibility to obesity development; app-based multimodal lifestyle interventions; holistic digital approaches that integrate medical treatment, lifestyle changes, and social support; and insights from the EASO Collaborating Centres for Obesity Management (COMs), which is a network of accredited centres specialising in obesity management.

Research excellence awards

Prof Antje Körner received EASO-NNF Excellence prize for pioneering childhood obesity research, receiving DKK 1.7 million in research funding to enhance early intervention for obesity development and improve obesity management outcomes in children. Early career researchers also showcased impactful work as part of the EASO-NNF New Investigator Awards, with each winner receiving research grants of DKK 300.000.



George Dedoussis from Harokopio University of Athens (HUA)
Maria Kafyra from Harokopio University of Athens (HUA)
Lisa Heggie from European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO)
Inês Figueira and Maria Fátima Martins from Centre for Studies and Research in Social Dynamics and Health (CEIDSS)
Maria Fátima Martins, Ana Rito, and Inês Figueira from Centre for Studies and Research in Social Dynamics and Health (CEIDSS)


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